Genius Covers: The Amazing Spider-Man #192

Today's Genius Cover is a return to my favorite all-time title, The Amazing Spider-Man [issue #192, specifically].

The Amazing Spider-Man #192, May 1979

In this issue we have the death of the villain Spencer Smythe who made his debut way back in Amazing Spider-Man #25. It features Spider-Man and Johnah Jameson locked together by Smythe as he plans to get revenge on the two men that he blames for his death from radiation poisoning. Spidey and Jonah have 24 hours together before they are blown up and this issue has the memorable scene of Jameson breaking down and begging Spider-Man to save his life. Of course, Spidey comes through and Smythe dies thinking that he has killed them both.

This issue was written by Marv Wolfman who wrote issues #181-204 and drawn by Keith Pollard.

Today's issue is also roughly as old as I am. I was born in April, 1979 so I would imagine that this issue was on the newsstand that fateful day!

On the great old advertisement front, this issue has an outstanding ad for t-shirts for the original Battlestar Galactica.