From The Rule Book #1: The Commissioner

I came upon this book at The Dusty Bookshelf, which is the best independent bookstore in Lawrence. I've always wanted an official baseball rule book because there are some crazy rules in there which I will highlight later in a new regular series. Today though we will highlight the art work "additions" that the previous owner of the book added in.

Here we have former baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn trying out for a part on American Chopper.

There are a lot of controversial decisions that Commissioner Kuhn made in his tenure, including banning Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle from baseball briefly and fighting the inclusion of negro league players in the Baseball Hall of Fame. One not so controversial decision that I was unaware of was that following the release of the Iranian Hostages in 1980 each of the hostages was given a pass to attend baseball games for life for free.


night owl said…
I remember hearing about the Iranian hostages "free baseball for life" deal and being SO JEALOUS. Those hostages get all the breaks!

Don't get indignant. I was 15.

Doing a baseball rules series is a great idea.