Countdown to Another Ichiro's 200/100 Record

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #149 Ichiro

If you haven't been paying attention to Seattle Mariners baseball you might have missed the interesting story of Ichiro trying to do something no other player in baseball has ever done: Get 200 hit for a team with 100 losses twice. He had 213 hits when the Mariners lost 101 games in 2008 making him the 8th player to do that but no player has ever done it twice.

Ichiro is currently sitting at 193 hits for the season after getting two hit in their loss to the Rangers yesterday. The loss brings the Mariners to a record of 56-92 with 11 games to play. So with 11 games left, the Mariners have to loss eight of them and Ichiro needs to get seven hits over those 11 games.

Here's the Mariner's remaining schedule which includes series with the Blue Jays, Rays, and Rangers.:

152. Sunday 9/19 vs. Rangers (11 games left)
153. Tuesday 9/21 vs. Blue Jays (10 games left)
154. Wednesday 9/22 vs. Blue Jays (9 games left)
155. Thursday 9/23 vs. Blue Jays (8 games left)
156. Friday 9/24 vs. Rays (7 games left)
157. Saturday 9/25 vs. Rays (6 games left)
158. Sunday 9/26 vs. Rays (5 games left)
159. Monday 9/27 vs. Rangers (4 games left)
160. Tuesday 9/28 vs. Rangers (3 games left)
161. Wednesday 9/29 vs. Rangers (2 games left)
162. Thursday 9/30 vs. A's (1 game left)

So I'll have daily updates on Ichiro's progress featuring a new card recently added to my Ichiro collection.


My new record watch is Mark Reynolds finishing the season with more strikeouts than his BA. He currently sits at 201 k's and an average of .204; I don't think this has ever been done.
Matt Flaten said…
That's a great record! I'll have to keep an eye on that one.