3 Star Packers

These Packers were scooped up from Three Stars Sportscards in the Twin Cities over Labor Day weekend...They're mainly a Vikings shop [with an obscene amount of Favre stuff] but they did have a box of random Packers and I sorted some of the older Green & Gold out...

I wish I had found this card before Dinged Corners Fierce Forehead competition was over...I think I might have had a chance to win.

1976 Topps #222 John Hadl

Rich played nine seasons for the Packers as their tight end.

1973 Topps #424 Rich McGeorge

Best Packer afro ever.

1976 Topps #379 Alvin Matthews

Mike played for the Packers in the 30's and was the first guard to ever elected into the Hall of Fame.

1988 Swell Football Greats #82 Mike Michalske


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(Trying again)...

Alvin Matthews looks a lot like Isaac the bartender on "The Love Boat."

I wonder if anybody ever got hit hard for mentioning that to him one Sunday...