$10 Green Bay Packers Relic Card Pack

I found this at a Shopko in Wisconsin last week when I was home on vacation. Shopko is really the best retail store in terms of a card section as they tend to always have full retail boxes at a nice discount and unique/cheap repackages.

My jersey card is of the Packers all-time rushing leader, Ahman Green. Ahman will be playing for the Omaha Nighthawks in the UFL this year along with Jeff Garcia as QB and Maurice Clarett in the backfield.

2007 Donruss Classics Sunday's Best #SB-40 Ahman Green #092/250

My team set is a 2008 Topps set. As you can see, for some reason Topps made the plastic holder a lot larger than the cards so as the package gets moved around the cards move around as well so there is no hope of getting cards that don't have dinged corners.

And my pack is $1.00's worth of 2008 Score that I will rip open in a future post.

As a Packer fan, I love the idea of these and would probably buy this again if I knew for certain that I wouldn't get an identical team set which I'm afraid will be more than likely.

I also found the Vikings version at a Target in Minnesota:


Anonymous said…
That's pretty cool. I like the team specific idea. And speaking of Ahman Green, I have a Reflections autograph of him. Do you want it? If so, I'll drop it in with stuff I'm about to send for the recent trade.
Anonymous said…
Good stuff.

Make sure you wash your hands after touching that Vikings shit, though.
Matt Flaten said…
Hey lonestarr,

I would love to take the Ahman Green. Please send my your e-mail to heartbreakingcards@gmail.com