St. Petersburg Market

A few days ago I highlighted my new Green Bay Packers Matryoshka doll that my fiance brought back from her trip to St. Petersburg, Russia this summer. She also snapped a photo of the stand where she bought it from.

[Click on the image for a much larger version]
As you can see they have a surprisingly wide assortment of sports teams including a few that you might not expect to see like the Georgia Bulldogs, Nebraska Cornhuskers, or University of Miami. She asked the stand owner [and the painter of the dolls] which team sold the best and, surprisingly, the answer was the San Diego Chargers doll.


PunkRockPaint said…
Why is that surprising? The Panthers or Jaguars would be surprising... Chargers? Nah. They are the best.
Matt Flaten said…
It's just that the weather is so nice and San Diegans are so busy keeping it classy that they don't really get a chance to go to Russia and buy dolls.
dayf said…