Show and Tell #63: More Than One Night Owl Is Called A Parliament...Look It Up!

In Night Owl's Gint-a-Cuffs box he pulled a Jeff Clement autograph and lamented on the rather lackluster autographs/relics that populate the Allen & Ginter boxes each year. Thankfully, Clement is one of the many promising prospects that I collect that haven't amounted to a hill of beans and so I snatched it up.

Clement was traded to the Pirates last summer and has struggled so far this year playing 1st base for them after moving from catcher. At the time Night Owl pulled/was cursed with this card, Clement was batting .189. Well, he's worked hard and has that average up to .199 currently! In return, I sent Night Owl and fairly unique Dodgers jersey card.

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGA-JCL Jeff Clement Autograph

As usual N.O. sent me a bunch of other great cards and so I feel like a heel as I didn't make a deep dive into my Dodgers when I sent my half of the trade. They begin with a few cards off my Diamond Kings needs list.

I really think it's hard to argue that during the "Golden Age of the DK" [the years 1982-1992] there was a better set than 1992's. I'm sure a lot has to do with the gold foil stamping but another part is that the pop art backgrounds weren't used in that set.

1992 Donruss #12 John Kruk Diamond Kings

1982 Donruss #15 George Brett Diamond Kings

1988 Donruss #4 Alan Trammell Diamond Kings

This card gets me thinking...exactly how good does a pitcher have to be to justify a $18.5 million dollar salary?

2009 Topps #112 Barry Zito XFractor

N.O. also sent along six of my 2020 insert needs, three of which that are Dodgers. Man I hope those were doubles because I would feel bad if they weren't.

2010 Topps 2020 #T3 Andre Ethier

2010 Topps 2020 #T20 Matt Kemp

2010 Topps 2020 #T13 Andrew McCutchen

2010 Topps 2020 #T18 Clayton Kershaw

2010 Topps 2020 #T14 Ubaldo Jimenez

2010 Topps 2020 #T9 Madison Bumgarner

Thanks Night Owl!


night owl said…
I didn't consider them great cards (doubles, diamond kings and giants/rockies). So you can stop feeling heel-like.