Show and Tell #62: Thorzul's DKs

Thorzul doesn't really like trade posts but enjoys trading and I certainly enjoy receiving Thorzul's trades! He sent me this great collection of Diamond Kings to help me in my quest to complete the 1982-1992 sets.

Dave is currently a motivational speaker and has a newish book out entitled "Called Up."

1984 Donruss #8 Dave Dravecky Diamond Kings

I have plenty of cards of Tony as the manager of the Royals from '03-'05 but I didn't know that he interviewed to be the Yankees manager after Joe Torre left.

1985 Donruss #24 Tony Pena Diamond Kings

1983 was a great year for White Sox pitching. You had Dotson going 22-7 and finishing 4th in Cy Young voting behind teammate and Cy Young winner LaMarr Hoyt, who went 24-10.

1985 Donruss #3 Richard Dotson Diamond Kings

From the "Everybody's Got A Record" file, Willie Upshaw is the leader in home runs and RBIs for players whose last name starts with "U".

1985 Donruss #10 Willie Upshaw Diamond Kings

In the contest Thorzul had to win a bag of cards I used good old Mike Scott for my entry. I guessed that there was one Scott card and it turned out there were two. I ended up winning the tie breaker and the bag of cards is mine, all mine!

1987 Donruss #18 Mike Scott Diamond Kings

Andres won the AP Comback Player of the Year twice in 1993 and 2000. You might think that that would be an odd thing but it's been done quite a few times before and since by Norm Cash [1965 & 1971], Boog Powell [1966 & 1075], Rick Sutcliffe [1987 & 1992], Bret Saberhagen [1987 & 1998], and Chris Carpenter [2004 & 2009].

1989 Donruss #14 Andres Galarraga Diamond Kings

Without this card, I probably never would have been reminded that Rick Reuschel's nickname was "Big Daddy" and that this wonderful card exists and must be mine quickly.

1989 Donruss #11 Rick Reuschel Diamond Kings

The Rick and Andres give me a nice completed page:

John threw out the first pitch in the first game at Citi Field last year.

1990 Donruss #14 John Franco Diamond Kings

I wish I had time and patience to figure out if this is unusual but the New York Mets have had eight managers that played for the Mets as well. They are Gil Hodges, Yogie Berra, Joe Torre, Bud Harrelson, Roy McMillan, Dallas Green, Bobby Valentine, and Willie.

1990 Donruss #19 Willie Randolph Diamond Kings

The Franco and the Randolph added two more completed pages:

Ron has the special distinction of being one of three batters that Goose Gossage intentionally threw at during a game. The other two are Andres Galaragga and Al Bumbry.

1991 Donruss #10 Ron Grant Diamond Kings

With the addition of Ron's the 1991 Diamond King set is complete. Here the entire set:

Thanks Thorzul!