Show and Tell #61: Stats on the Back Shortprints

Today's Show and Tell is devoted to two '71 Topps short prints from Stats on the Back's Giveaway...

I was not familiar with Jim Maloney's body of work but he's sort of like a 60's Dan Haren, a pretty solid pitcher that is forever overshadowed by bigger named pitchers [Koufax/Lincecum, Gibson/Halladay]. He is also one of only 26 pitchers all-time that have more than one no-hitter [Jim has 2].

1971 #645 Jim Maloney
Ed Crosby had a six year career as a utility infielder but he is probably best known as being 2004 Rookie of the Year Bobby Crosby's father.

1971 #672 Ed Crosby
These two short prints put me over the 85% complete mark on finishing the set. Both Night Owl and I have been working on the 1971 set...he a little longer than me and he is also a little further along than I am as well [he's about 93% complete according to my calculations]. I've been working on the set for about two years now and working on a set for that long can be daunting. Can I get an amen? So I've secretly been trying to get my set done before Night Owl as a sort of motivational technique to eventually put this set to bed permanently.

Complete Set: 752 cards
640/752 = 85.11%


Anonymous said…
Maloney had a THIRD no-hitter:

The Mets got two hitsin the 11th inning off of him, one of which was the homerun that gave him the loss.
night owl said…
Not a secret anymore is it?

Don't worry. I collect so many sets I'll get all distracted.