New "In The Game" Baseball Product

Yesterday I received an e-mail from someone named Stephen Laroche telling me of "Big announcement from In The Game!" I get all my different e-mail accounts forwarded into my main one and that subject line didn't register to me to be anything other than some stupid offer from some company I've signed up with some years ago. So it landed in the Trash bin along with my AAA newsletters, Redbox ads, and free Viagra e-mails.

Today I received a second e-mail from Stephen telling me that "if you are able to provide a link to your coverage of yesterday's press release, it would be appreciated. Thanks!" Now I'm like what the hell is going on here? I find the old e-mail and realize that it's actually an e-mail announcing that the formerly hockey-focused card company In The Game is jumping into the baseball card market with a version of their Heroes and Prospect line. The cards will be out in November with a full checklist available in September. I would send you to their web site for more information but weirdly there isn't any mention of the new product yet. Their last news update is from March. Check out the full press release HERE.

The problem here is that on the preview images In The Game provided in the e-mail MLB logos are clearly visible and so a lawsuit is only a matter of time.

If you are planning on buying a box I would suggest pre-ordering or buying it immediately after it is released before that injunction is in place.

One interesting thing of note is that the press release states that there are 3.5 hits per box. That 1/2 a hit is going to piss off a lot of people I'm sure. It puts a new spin on the "cut card"!

[Editor's Note: I hope you realize that this last paragraph is an attempt at humor and, no, In The Game will not be cutting Hank Aaron autographs in half and inserting them in packs...sheesh].