August 3, 2010

A Good Collection Spoiled

What exactly do you do when a player you collect goes to a team that you don't? And furthermore, does it matter to you if they were traded or if they signed as a free agent?

I would never have included Lance Berkman in the "Players I Collect" list on the right side of my blog but whenever I would find a nice card of his at a reasonable price I would pick it up. The stadium wall relic below is one of my favorite all-time cards. Now poor Lance is a Yankee after being traded [and interesting side note in the trade details, the Astros actually paid the Yankees to take Lance]. I guess in fairness I can't say "poor Lance" because he did turn down a trade to the White Sox...and to be honest, I wouldn't be writing this post if he was the newest member of the Sox. But Lance is now the newest member of the Bronx Bombers and I'm afraid his collection will be stuck with cards pre-2010.

2005 Donruss Studio #MS-4 Lance Berkman Master Strokes Jersey & Bat Relic #24/50

2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber #N-3 Lance Berkman Naturals Bat Relic #051/250

2001 Donruss Studio #WT-16 Lance Berkman Warning Track Stadium Wall Relic

2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #DHM-LB Lance Berkman Jersey Relic

2004 Topps Cracker Jack #TB-LB Lance Berkman Bat Relic

2003 Fleer Ex #BTNGU-LB Lance Berkman Behind The Numbers Jersey Relic

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