August 31, 2010

Show and Tell #65: More From Thorzul's Box

Here are some more goodies from the box of cards that I won from Thorzul:

I completed the Hank Aaron Baseball Heroes insert set and I think I'll move on to the Willie Mays set from 1993 Upper Deck next.

1993 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #52 Willie Mays 1972 New York Homecoming

I remember this being one of my favorite cards when I was first getting into collecting.

1990 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #18 Nolan Ryan Baseball Heroes Checklist

There were quite a few of these Donruss/Coke Nolan Ryan cards and I especially like the cards with the unique older photos that you don't see everyday.

1992 Donruss Nolan Ryan Coke #7
1992 Donruss Nolan Ryan Coke #2

Also included were a bunch of the 1981 Fleer cards that had seen better days but there were quite a few decent semi-stars:

1981 Fleer #354 Chet Lemon

1981 Fleer #82 Luis Tiant

1981 Fleer #89 Rich Gossage

1981 Fleer #112 Don Sutton

1981 Fleer #548 Bobby Bonds

August 30, 2010

Everybody's Got A Record: Rick Reuschel Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

Rick "Big Daddy" Reuschel
and his brother, Paul, are the only brothers to pitch a shutout together. Rick pitched the first six and 2/3 innings and Paul pitched the last 2 and 1/3 inning to shutout the Dodgers on August 21, 1975.

1973 Topps #482 Rick Reuschel [Rookie Card]

1981 Fleer Stickers #93 Rick Reuschel

1979 Kellogg's 3-D #47 Rick Reuschel

New Choo Choo

Along with my Ken Hubbs master set I'm also working on a master set of former Mets catcher Choo Choo Coleman. This card puts be at 3/4 complete of the master set.

1964 Topps #251 Choo Choo Coleman

The card I'm missing in the series is a 1966 Topps #561 which in that set is considered a rarer high-numbered short-printed card. Consequently, I've only seen a handful ever make it on to eBay and the ones that are listed are outrageously this PSA 7 version for $85.

Steve Carlton Jersey Winner

And now for the winner of the contest for the Steve Carlton dual jersey:

In total we have 128 entries into the contest and here is the list:

1 GA Mindset
2 Brian
3 Craig Smith
4 darkship5 Hoopography
6 82Redbirds
7 Colbey (flywheels)
8 SportsCardGirl
9 Timmy Schenk
10 jaxtigerfan
11 Paul12 moremonkeys138
13 anantashahi1
14 MrMopar
15 rocco
16 Dodger Bobble
17 Ryan
18 Nick19 jacobmrley
20 Sooz
21 Rob- AKA "VOTC"
22 Royals Scorecards
23 Peter
24 mmosley
25 Rod (Padrographs)26 Todd Uncommon
27 Slangon
28 Ryan aka Orioles Magic
29 David
30 Johngy
31 Duane32 RWH
33 Alec
34 CaptKirk42
35 dfwbuck2
36 The sewingmachineguy
37 openicehits
38 Cameron
39 Jonathan Hart
40 jackplumstead
41 Mariner1
42 joesttmandipautographs
43 madding
44 TheBrooklynMet
45 jacaneese_3
46 BA Benny
47 Wax Wombat
48 BigD
49 TheIronLung
50 dogfacedgremlin
51 Von Spalding
52 David
53 Drew
54 Field of Cards
55 G_Moses
56 Jason Wong
57 TJ
58 PatsCards
59 oldschoolbreaks
60 Roy
61 chris OK
62 Hackenbush
63 PunkRockPaint
64 cpdungan
65 nearmint
66 Collective Troll
67 dkwilson
69 Motherscratcher
70 Mark
71 maxwell
72 Fuji
73 Doc T
74 Stephen Baird
75 Carl Crawford Cards
76 Lonestarr
77 KW
78 Ringo73
79 Dubbs
80 beardy
81 Tunguska
82 MattR
83 Dinged Corners
84 RoofGod
85 AdamE
86 DaveH
87 Scott C.
88 stusigpi
89 Dave
90 jv
91 packaddict
92 Steve
93 Captain Canuck
94 FanOfReds
95 White Sox Cards
96 Ryan Cracknell
97 steveisjewish
98 dayf
99 night owl
100 James B. Anama
101 gcrl
102 SpastikMooss
103 caljr3000
104 Eric L
105 Cam Hartman
106 Community Gum
107 Peter
108 money
109 Paul
110 MIke Deak
111 jaydub
112 michel
113 Rakeem
114 yinchuan2005
115 Don Sherman
116 Dan
117 26 Cent Summer
118 Cardsplitter
119 jschris
120 Noah B
121 cynicalbuddha
122 batcountry785
123 joeamerica08
124 Brian
125 AkjNxvkqyequaY_8xMo9g0qYMk_hXw--
126 Charles Hinkson
127 Bo Rosny
128 beerandbaseballcards

Now let's go to and we'll randomize the list five time and then the first number listed will be the winner.

So number #117 is the winner which is... 26 Cent Summer! Congrats!

August 28, 2010

My Own Little Fleer Sticker Project: Pittsburgh Pirates

There is an absolutely great article on the "Jay Mariotti didn't write this" about the fact that even though the Pirates haven't had a winning record since 1992 [and haven't won over 70 games since 2004] they are still able to make over $30 million in profits over the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

August 27, 2010

Strasburg's Been Prior-ed

It's a sad day but it's always good to be reminded that Tommy John should be in the Hall of Fame.

Everybody's Got A Record: Roy Face Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

In 1960, Roy became the first pitcher to earn three saves in a single World Series as the Pirates beat the Yankees. Since then, four other pitchers have tied the record [Kent Tekulve, John Wetteland, Mariano Rivera, and Troy Percival].

1968 Topps #198 Roy Face

I've been looking for a nice version of the 1969 Topps Roy Face for my Flipping and Trading book project and when I search around if I find another Face that I don't have yet I'll pick that one up too.

I Haven't Done One Of These In A While

I follow what I like to call The Dayf Matrix of redeeming the 1000000 Card Giveaway redemptions: don't waste your time using them until cards from the 50's start showing up on the "recently unlocked cards" list. Well, I had a code laying around and there was not one, but two, 50's cards listed earlier today.

And the result?

Buck Rodgers in the 20th Century!

No More MacGruber

It makes me sad that Will Forte won't be back on Saturday Night Live this no more MacGruber or one of my personal favorites The Falconer!

August 26, 2010

Heartbreakingly Great Names #21: Jayhawk Owens

Today's Heartbreakingly Great Name is close to my heart as I live in Lawrence, KS home of the Jayhawk. Jayhawk's real name is Claude and so I picture him playing catch with a Bertie Wooster and Jay Gatsby. Jayhawk was a member of the Twins when he was selected by the Rockies in the Expansion Draft. He would end up playing four seasons for the Rockies as a catcher.

1994 Topps Stadium Club #100 Jayhawk Owens

Show and Tell #64: DK Explosion

Reader Mike D. continued his trend of sending me outstanding stacks of cards. This time it was a Diamond King explosion that completed my 1987, '88, '89, and '90 sets and did serious damage to my other needs lists as well.

Here are all the great DKs that he sent:

And here are a few of my personal favorites:

This is the best hair ever on a Diamond King and in the discussion for best hair ever.

1982 Donruss #26 Gorman Thomas Diamond Kings

Let me now alert you to a disturbing trend in baseball cards: where are the Leon Durham relics? This card put the idea into my head to track one down and I'm stunned by my difficulty in finding one. None are listed on COMC and when you search "leon durham relic" you get zero results. And none of the autographs currently listed are certified on-card. I can't believe that Leon wasn't included in any of the Sweet Spot relic cards.

1983 Donruss #5 Leon Durham Diamond Kings

Dale Murphy and Roger Maris are the only two multiple MVP award winning players not in the Hall of Fame.

1987 Donruss #3 Dale Murphy Diamond Kings

Thanks again Mike and I'll track down some Cubs goodies for you!

August 24, 2010

And Now A Brief Editorial Comment From Thorzul

A little while ago I won a bag of cards from Thorzul and the cards arrived in one of my favorite blaster boxes with two of America's foremost baseball legends, Derek Jeter and the hairless wonder, Kim Kardashian...WHAAAAA? The box was even awesomely modified by Thorzul highlighting some of Kim’s leading points on her resume.

Can I just mention again what a bonehead decision it was by Upper Deck to include the hairless wonder here? Upper Deck couldn't make Pete Rose cards because he bet on baseball. For shame! But if you f**k some guy who is famous for being Brandy’s brother on film and sell it to a porn company? Yes, we’ll make cards for that and put them on the boxes of the product that is marketed to children.

In the box were some really great cards and I'll highlight some more later. Right now I'll just show my favorite of the group. Dave Winfield taunting Kirby Puckett…"touch my hand and you get a Twinkie!”

1994 Pinnacle #332 Dave Winfield

August 23, 2010

Shipping Fees: The Bane Of Every Card Collector

Since I started using their service in 2008, I've ordered cards from about once a month so I am very familiar with the site and clearly think it's one of the best things since sliced bread. I've reviewed the service back in October 2008 [Loved it!] and examined some very stupid seller pricing not once, but twice. As the site expanded with incredible growth the site has changed and grown more expensive and isn't quite the great deal it once was. I write this because of the newest entry on the Blog that expounds on the greatness of the of the's shipping prices.

And to their main point, COMC does offer a much better deal on multiple cards than sites in which that you need to buy from multiple sellers. Having the cards in one location is a brilliant way to do this. But that's sort of like a "duh" moment here. Of course COMC is better!...they're just not as good as they used to be. The more complete picture is that since I originally started using COMC their shipping costs have risen 29%.

In my first COMC purchase from October 2008, I was able to get 18 cards shipped for $5.60:

Today, I went to the COMC page and picked 18 cards from their listing that game me a shipping cost of $7.25 which is $1.65 or 29% higher than my original purchase:

Now I realize that COMC has recently moved locations, bought new equipment, and as their inventory continues to expand it probably takes their employees longer to locate and package my order. But I guess the question I have is why does the buyer, rather than the seller, have to bear the brunt of these increased overhead expenses?

August 21, 2010

No Neck

Walt had the great nickname of "No Neck" which might have more to do with his 5' 6"/185 pounds stature than his love of turtle necks.

1969 Topps #309 Walt Williams

I seriously wonder if in 50 more years if these pink backs will have faded at all? They seem as vibrant as they would come straight from the pack in 1969.

August 19, 2010

All-Time Top 10 [In No Particular Order]: Art = Vic Power

There are some baseball cards that are, simply put, pieces of art. They are more than the sum of their parts. Sometimes the photo, the colors, the lettering...all add up to something exponentially greater than just a piece of cardboard. That's how I feel about Vic Power's 1958 Topps card and that's why it's apart of my All-Time Top 10 [In No Particular Order].

1958 Topps #406 Vic Power

I expound on my love of Vic Power a little more here.

August 18, 2010

Everybody's Got A Record: Pedro Martinez

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record. **

Pedro is one of two pitchers to have over 300 strikeouts and an ERA under 2.00. He did it in 1997 with a 1.90 ERA and 305 Ks. The other pitcher to do that was Walter Johnson.

2004 Flair Diamond Cuts #DC-PM Pedro Martinez Jersey Card 149/250

August 17, 2010

Genius Covers: Super-Villain Team-Up #10

Today's Genius Cover is a Super-Villain Team-Up [that's a lot of hyphens] #10 from February 1977.

This bad boy has Dr. Doom, Namor the Sub-Mariner, AND The Red Skull battling Captain least that is what the cover would have you believe. The Red Skull doesn't actually show up in the story until the final two pages and it is supposed to be a shocking reveal that the Red Skull is there too. So as a reader who bought this comic simply based on the cover [like me] you were a little disappointed. Nevertheless, it's one of my favorite all-time covers.

This issue also has some great advertisements with my favorite being this ad for the Six Million Dollar Man toys. You can also sign up to join The Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Action Club for 50 cents.

Previously on Genius Covers:

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August 16, 2010

Joy Of The Completed Insert Set: The Gang of 3

Over the weekend my LCS had the last three 2020 inserts from Topps Series 2 that I was needing and so another collecting project bites the dust.

My final gang of 3 were:

2010 Topps 2020 #T2 Gordon Beckham
2010 Topps 2020 #T11 Joe Mauer
2010 Topps 2020 #T1 Ryan Braun

And here is the complete set:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

August 14, 2010


I'm glad to hear that Chipper is going to make a go of it in for the 2011 season. Here are the tiny fruits of my limited Chipper collection.

2006 Fleer Ultra Feel The Game #FG-CJ Chipper Jones Jersey Relic

2008 Upper Deck Series 1 #99-CJ Chipper Jones Jersey Relic

Mad Men Science Theater 1965

This might be only hilariously funny to me but in the latest episode of Mad Men Layne and Don are trying to find something exciting to do on New Years Day and so they hit the cinema. Their choice of movie is non other than the Japanese stink-fest Gamera. Here's the clip:

Layne loves it! The line "This movie's very good!" will live on for me and for any fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Joel and the Bots riffed through not only Gamera but four sequels during Season 3 of the series. They were:

1. Gamera vs. Barugon
2. Gamera vs. Gaos
3. Gamera vs. Guiron
4. Gamera vs. Zigra

I've watched all of these [the MST3K episodes, that is] and I've got to say that they make Gamera look like Inception by comparison. The Gamera episodes have never made their way onto a MST3K DVD set which is commonly blamed on the harsh treatment the riffs give these series of films.

August 13, 2010

If You Enjoy Reading Rainbow, You'll Love This


I didn't include this card in the post about the latest trade package from Night Owl because I feel it deserves its own spotlight. I've been coveting this card for quite some time and now it's mine, all mine! This story is the baseball card equivalent of Ruth calling his shot and I really enjoy the idea of a company dumping its garbage/treasures into a public water way and 50 years later it's one of the most treasured baseball card moments. Today, Eisner would be in front of the grand jury if Topps dumped all those damn Topps Opening Day packs in a New York river...but then again it might only distract us from BP for a day or two.

2010 Topps #TOG-4 Tales of the Game Topps Dumps 1952 Cards In The River

August 12, 2010

My Aaron Rookie Card...

...Tommie Aaron that is.

It really isn't fair to compare Tommie's & Hank's stats, so I won't. That would be like comparing Eddie Murray with Rich Murray. Tommie played for seven seasons [over 10 years] with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. During those off years [1964, '66, and '67] Tommie played in the International League.

1963 Topps #46 Tommie Aaron [Rookie Card]

I knew that HankAaron started his baseball career in my home town of Eau Claire, WI but I forgot/didn't realize that Tommie did as well. I don't see my home town listed on the back of a card everyday!