Tales from the LCS #1

Card Shop: Jeff's Sportscards
Location: Topeka, KS

In a world in which card shops are going under left and right, my go-to shop in Topeka had a Grand Reopening recently, believe it or not. The shop went from Al's Sportscards to Jeff's Sportscards...to confuse matters a little more Jeff worked at Al's. The shop is redesigned with new carpeting and it's a lot more organized. To me, an unorganized shop is already half way to going out of business. Plus, now the cards are all accurately priced and well marked. Overall, it is a much better experience.

I was just stopping by to check things out and didn't have a lot of money to blow so I just dipped into the 50 cent box.

After starting red hot, Brian has had his normal slow down to a 7-8 record currently. Over the past six decisions, he is 1-5. I maybe a jaded Bannister collector with a ton of certified autographs but I'm certain that he would be well over .500 pitcher if he was on a decent team.

2009 Topps 206 #273 Brian Bannister Mini Polar Bear Back
2009 Topps 206 #273 Brian Bannister Mini Piedmont Back

Barry is still doing great this year at 8-5. He had a two week stretch with three no decisions that the Giants all eventually won so his record could be even better. It's a sad commentary on the league when the one complete game Barry pitched this season has him in 8th place in the complete game standings.

2010 Topps #244 Barry Zito Gold #1733/2010

Another Bannister for the collection.

2010 Topps #528 Brian BannisterTopps picked a lot of stupid cards for this series but this one is perfect. It's great to actually own a version of this card [even if it is a reprint]. If this insert set was going to include modern cards it is these sort of cards [& the Billy Ripken "Fuck Face" card with variations] that it should have been focused around and not some mid-90's crap.

2010 Topps #CMT-55 The Cards Your Mom Threw Out Alex Gordon [Reprint of 2006 Topps #297] As a political card collector I didn't realize there were Obama cards in 2009 Upper Deck Football. I may be just a sucker for 3-D cards but these are some of the best political cards I've ever seen.

2009 Upper Deck Football #3D-50 Barack Obama 3D Stars
If you've never been to a baseball or football game in Kansas City you may not realize that Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium are a strong throw of the baseball away. Just like they are in my former home in Seattle.

2010 Topps #602 Kansas City Royals Team History

2010 Upper Deck #553 Kauffman Stadium

I didn't realize until recently that Bo was drafted by the New York Yankees out of high school. He instead decided to go to Auburn and win the Heisman trophy. I really doubt Bo would be one of my favorite players if he had been a Yankee. But a Mattingly/Jackson combo in the lineup would have been pretty impressive.

2010 Topps #TOG-16 Tales of the Game Bo Jackson

2010 Topps #LL-44 Legendary Lineage Bo Jackson/Justin Upton


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I have the Cycle back you need to complete the Bannister rainbow.

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