Top 22 From The Card Show

Here are the top 22 cards that I brought home from the card show last week. I came with $30 and left with 22 cards so we are averaging $1.36 per card. Some of these are outrageous deals and some are probably just about right at a little more than a dollar a card.

These are organized using my own personal favoritism and not by "best deal" or any other category.

We begin with "The Old Professor." Casey's last few Topps cards tended to have him sitting and holding a bat and his 1965 Topps card is nearly identical and was probably only taken a few seconds from the 1964 photo. The condition isn't the greatest but he's always a sentimental favorite.

1964 Topps #324 Casey Stengel


I'm sure for a lot of you would put this card at the top. I'm a big Whitey Fan and of all the cards I paid the most for this one.

1966 Topps #160 Whitey Ford


It's sad to say that I almost passed on this card because of my annoyance with Morgan's announcing career.

1967 Topps #337 Joe Morgan


Fergie had eight seasons with 20 or more complete games including seasons with league leading totals of 30 and 29 complete games.

1967 Topps #333 Ferguson Jenkins


Robin gets the recently deceased bump here.

1965 Topps #15 Robin Roberts


Back to back Orioles...I've seen this card recently highlighted on another blog but dang if I can remember which one it was. One has to wonder what Brooks is doing with his glove in this card. Is he going to block the sun from his eyes? Or catch another ball being thrown at him?

1976 Topps #95 Brooks Robinson


Casual fans are probably asking Earl Battey? WTF? He's a personal favorite of mine that I've highlighted before. Just look at that big mitt!

1967 Topps #15 Earl Battey


I was so excited to find this because I love these dou cards and their wonderful titles like "Buc Belters." When I got home, found out I already had this particular one and so it's ranking fell a few spots.

1966 Topps #99 Buc Belters Willie Stargell/Donn Clendenon


This one jumps from the high teens to the top 10 by being my first 1954 Bowman card. Plus, Boyd was the first black player for the White Sox.

1954 Bowman #118 Robert Boyd


Ever since this post I've been a Humberto Robinson least an aspiring Humberto Robinson collector. This is actually my first card and it's probably the best condition '59 Topps that I own.

1959 Topps #366 Humberto Robinson


Matt F. like Rickey. Matt F. thinks he is one of the top 10 players ever to play baseball. Matt F. one day wants to own a Rickey rookie card but until then this will have to do.

1981 Fleer #574 Rickey Henderson


In 1965 Rocky played every game and never made an error. He became the first American League outfielder with a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage for an entire season.

1968 Topps #99 Rocky Colavito


Here's the 2nd part of my earlier comment that I've been seeing Johnny Podres cards all over.

1960 #425 Johnny Podres


Rico missed the whole 1968 season fighting tuberculosis.

1970 Topps #145 Rico Carty


Thinking about it I find it amazing that more players don't have a break down on the field.

1962 Topps #90 Jim Piersall


I wonder what the record is for home runs in a final season. Dave hit 35 home runs in his last season for the A's in 1986 and that's got to be close to the record.

1973 Topps #23 Dave Kingman


Mike was actually drafted by the Orioles twice. Once in 1987 out of high school and again in 1990 as a 1st round pick after he graduated from Stanford.

1991 Score #383 Mike Mussina


Where does the hair end and the side burns begin?

1980 Topps #540 Pete Rose


This is a really, really, really solid prospect card. Not quite the Paul Molitor/Alan Trammell level of greatness but three good players.

1981 Topps 259 Juan Berenguer/Hubie Brooks/Mookie Wilson Mets Future Stars


Condition poor but that can be overlooked for a card of the Kansas City A's. I love cards of now defunct teams. Plus, Bob was the first black player in team history.

1955 Topps #132 Bob Trice


Mr. Raines is currently the manager of the Newark Bears in the Atlantic League. His hitting coach? Ron Karkovice!

1981 Topps #479 Bobby Pate/Tim Raines/Roberto Ramos Expos Future Stars


You might not remember but Nomo played for the Royals for about three seconds in 2008...I'm slowly trying to get the entire "Nomo as a Royal" collection far I know of two base cards, both from Triple Threads.

1995 Topps Traded #40T Hideo Nomo