Show and Tell #59: Chicle Pack

No, this isn't a pack of Chicle. This is the Packers in Chicle form. I received these from Reader Tommy plus a bunch of other Packers in exchange for some Allen & Ginter/Mayo minis.

God only knows why Raji has the football here. Hopefully it's after running 60 yards after picking up a fumble. Get the oxygen ready!

#C18 B.J. Raji

With another 600 odd yards this season, Driver will pass James Lofton as the Packers all-time leading receiver.

#C161 Donald Driver

If Driver breaks Lofton's records he might not have it for long because Greg Jennings is about half way there after only four seasons.

#C196 Greg Jennings

I know it's been a few years since the Rodgers/Favre stuff but after following Aaron on twitter he seems like a nice normal guy. I can only imagine what a Brett Favre twitter account would be like.

#C180 Aaron Rodgers

It's easy to forget but Ryan Grant was undrafted in 2005 and with another few 1,000+ seasons he'll be one of the best undrafted players ever. [I would say that place is currently held by Kurt Warner or Warren Moon].

#C45 Ryan Grant

Thanks Tommy!