Show and Tell #57: New Bowman From Steve

While it seems that the hobby has cooled on 2010 Bowman and is heating up for Allen & Ginter, my 2010 Bowman experience never really got started. I purchased one pack of the stuff [a hobby pack] from my favorite card shop, 3 Stars Sportscards in Minnesota, when I was there visiting family a few weeks ago. I've never seen one pack of retail in any Target, Walmart, or K-Mart, so they either never made it or were ravaged by Strasburg hunters [A Cardboard Problem, Cardboard Icons...I'm looking at you] before casual collectors got a chance.

But no worries mate, the readers came through in spades. Reader Steve sent me pretty much every card I would want from the 2010 Bowman set [minus a Strasburg]. I've spilt them up between my three teams of interest, Royals, Mariners and Twins.


Ahh....purple! John's was drafted in the 5th round of the 2008 draft and is currently pitching in A+ baseball.

2010 Bowman #BCP57 John Lamb Purple Refractor 642/999

Royals base:

2010 Bowman #21 Luke Hochevar
2010 Bowman #5 Zack Greinke
2010 Bowman #BP84 Yowill Espinal
2010 Bowman #BP107 David Lough


Mariners base:

2010 Bowman #40 Ken Griffey Jr.
2010 Bowman #193 Kanekoa Texeira
2010 Bowman #157 Cliff Lee

2010 Bowman #BP103 Nick Franklin
2010 Bowman #BCP103 Nick Franklin Chrome

2010 Bowman #BP22 Welington Dotel
2010 Bowman #BCP22 Welington Dotel Chrome

Now that the stats book has been closed on Junior, let's see where he sits:

Games Played: 31st all-time
Slugging %: 38th all-time
Runs Scored: 31st all-time
Hits: 46th all-time
Home Runs: 5th all-time
Runs Batted In: 14th all-time
Walks: 37th all-time
Strikeouts: 14th all-time
Extra Base Hits: 6th all-time

2010 Bowman #40 Ken Griffey Jr. Blue Border #301/520


Twins base:

2010 Bowman #137 Delmon Young
2010 Bowman #79 Francisco Liriano
2010 Bowman #16 Jason Kubel
2010 Bowman #176 Denard Span
2010 Bowman #176 Denard Span Gold
2010 Bowman #BCP76 James Beresford Chrome
2010 Bowman #116 Kevin Slowey Gold

If you aren't a big AL Central fan you might have missed the "slump" that Joe Mauer is in. Thus far, Mauer is hitting .300 with only 3 home runs and 39 runs batted in over 69 games. When you hit .365 last season, batting .300 can cause a panic when in reality Joe's numbers are right in line with his 2007 stats when he hit .293 with seven home runs and 60 runs batted in.

2010 Bowman #BT13 Joe Mauer 1992 Bowman Design

Thanks Steve!