Russell's Tiny Sig

I'm a member of an e-mail list by an eBay seller that I bought a random card from years ago. His weekly offerings vary from older cards to new autographs and lots. All the cards he offers are sight unseen so you never quite know what you are getting if you can't easily find a copy for sale elsewhere online. With autographs you even more blind until it arrives with all the different ways players sign. So I recently picked up a Russell Martin autograph for $3...

2007 Bowman's Best #49 Russell Martin Autograph

...and I should have probably taken a look at Russell's signature before buying it because it's a little, shall we say, underwhelming. The scan I don't think does justice to how small the signature really is. But it looks like nearly all the Martin autographs from Bowman's Best are this tiny so I don't feel so bad and I'm actually surprised how cheaply I was able to find it.