My Own Little Fleer Sticker Project: Atlanta Braves

UPDATE: The answer is yes! Chief Noc-A-Homa

I know we have Chief Wahoo for the Indians but did the Braves mascot ever have a name?


There once was "Chief Knock-a-Homa" who lived in the outfield in a teepee. Can't make this stuff up.
Here's som info about Chief Noc-a-Homa, with vintage photos:
dayf said…
Chief Knock-A-Homa was indeed a mascot for a long time. They tore down his teepee in 1982 to sell more seats during the playoff drive and the Braves went into a horrible slump until they put it back. That indian logo is known as the screaming brave, and was dropped like a hot rock once the PC crowd started going after teams names and logos. The current mascot, Homer the Brave looks like Mr. Met's annoying little brother. Bring back the Bleacher Creature!!!