Kenji came and went from American baseball in just four short seasons. In each season he played fewer and fewer games for the Mariners until he only played in 71 games in 2009. Like Kosuke Fukudome, Kenji was not able to replicate the success he had in Japan here in the U.S. In the four seasons leading up to his move to the Mariners Kenji averaged 32 home runs per season and 95 runs batted in. All this leads to me putting together a nice little Kenji collection for next to nothing.

2007 Fleer Ultra Feel The Game #FG-KJ Kenji Johjima Jersey

2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #DS-MJ Kenji Johjima/Daisuke Matsuzaka Jersey Relics


Fuji said…
Nice cards... I collect Kenji too!