Group of 9: 1986 Topps

I hunted Ed Lynch has been hunted down like a dog and so my 1986 Topps is finally complete.

1986 Topps #68 Ed Lynch

So now let's take a look and find the strongest Group of 9 cards in the set. I'm excluding the pages with All-Star cards or reprints because if I did this page wins by a million gazillion miles [4 Hall of Famers out of 9 cards + the single season home run king. Barry who?] and that doesn't really seem fair:

1986 Topps #397-405

Overall, the '86 set doesn't have a lot of great players grouped together. And all the big rookies [Canseco, Bonds, etc...] are in the Traded set. So the best we can do are two Hall of Famers [Fisk & Lasorda] and two solid players both known for their game winning home runs [Gibson in the 1988 World Series & Chris Chambliss in the 1976 League Championship Series].

1986 Topps #289-297


night owl said…
I know you mentioned that you've probably completed and uncompleted this set several times, but I still think it's funny that you sent me 300 cards from this set and I completed it over a year ago.