Getting Into Duke's Pants

It's funny to me how much "what I collect" has changed since starting my own blog and reading just about everyone else's. I imagine most of that is due to our ability to see so many more cards than what we would normally find through pack ripping and card shows alone. Your new pull and blog post is my new item of covet.

This is most true with Dodgers players. If not for the Night Owl and gcrl blogs cards of Dodger players probably would be no different than Rockies or Pirates or Astros. But I've read so much about "Dem Bums" that a little bit of the love for them has worn off on me I think.

So now when I see something Dodger related at a good price, I'm much more likely to snatch it up. As in this card with of a piece of Duke Snider's pants. My personal favorite type of jersey relic is a nice pair of wool pants and this one fits the bill nicely.

2003 Fleer Fall Classic Legendary Collection #LC-DS Duke Snider Pants


night owl said…
Although I want that card (but I do have my own Snider pants card), I'm glad to spread a little Bums love.