An "Everything You Know Is Wrong" Moment

I guess you could say I've been working on the Topps '86 set since I started collecting cards in 1986. I've probably owned the set in its entirety a few times over but it was never organized until a few months ago. Two of the three cards I was missing were cards #51 and #171. I wanted to wrap this set up so I was searching on eBay for an auction that could call the cards in a single purchase but I was having trouble finding a listing for those two cards anywhere. Plus, there weren't any listed on So randomly searching around I found this page and I had my "everything you know is wrong" moment. Turns out the 1986 Topps set doesn't have a card #51 or #171 a fact that alluded me for 24 years. I searched my binder, got the commons out, and discovered that I was really only missing one lonely card.

Here are the two #57s. Bobby Wine should have been #51.

1986 Topps #57 Bobby Wine

1986 Topps #57 Bill Doran

Here are the two number #141s. The Chuck Tanner card should have been #171.

1986 Topps #141 Chuck Cottier

1986 Topps #141 Bob Rodgers

Now, Ed Lynch, you will be mine!


I remember reading about this error in '86 and quickly noticed how three of the four cards involved were managers.

That '86 set was the first one I was able to complete through wax packs the year it came out. I remember going through about 15 extra packs to find Mickey Tettleton. At 35 cents a pack, I hate to think about how much money was wasted on putting that set together.
Congrats on completing the set! It took me about 30 years as well but I finally did it a few months ago.
mike said…
Matt - just a reference to pass along...if you get in a pinch and need to pick up loose cards to fill a set, try I've used the site before and it has helped me find a lot of commons and inserts when I don't have an avenue to find them otherwise. Give them a try, the cards come from other users of the site (or dealers) and the prices are comparable to Check Out My Cards or the Bay.
Matt Flaten said…
Thanks Mike. I've looked at sportslots a couple of times but never pulled the trigger.