July 5, 2010

An "Everything You Know Is Wrong" Moment

I guess you could say I've been working on the Topps '86 set since I started collecting cards in 1986. I've probably owned the set in its entirety a few times over but it was never organized until a few months ago. Two of the three cards I was missing were cards #51 and #171. I wanted to wrap this set up so I was searching on eBay for an auction that could call the cards in a single purchase but I was having trouble finding a listing for those two cards anywhere. Plus, there weren't any listed on Checkoutmycards.com. So randomly searching around I found this page and I had my "everything you know is wrong" moment. Turns out the 1986 Topps set doesn't have a card #51 or #171 a fact that alluded me for 24 years. I searched my binder, got the commons out, and discovered that I was really only missing one lonely card.

Here are the two #57s. Bobby Wine should have been #51.

1986 Topps #57 Bobby Wine

1986 Topps #57 Bill Doran

Here are the two number #141s. The Chuck Tanner card should have been #171.

1986 Topps #141 Chuck Cottier

1986 Topps #141 Bob Rodgers

Now, Ed Lynch, you will be mine!
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