Did I Get A Strasburg?

These are all over my giant sized Walmart and I seem to be the only one buying them.

I pick one up each time I stop by not so much because of the possibility of finding a Stephen Strasburg but the discount price and the fact that the cards are from the entire set rather than one single series. In case you were wondering, here is Stephen's card from the set.

Well, I did pull a rookie card of a Washington Nationals pitcher, it just wasn't a Strasburg. Instead it was a Jordan Zimmerman rookie that I didn't have yet. Excelsior!

2009 Upper Deck Update #50 Jordan Zimmerman [Rookie Card]


I've seen those, but haven't pulled the trigger on any yet.
Ryan H said…
Let me know if you get any Wieters Rookies out of them. I'd really like to have one. I havent seen any of these combo packs in all of the Greater Richmond Metro area to try my luck on.

Verification word: buntess