Cop Out

***Please stop reading now if you plan on watching the movie Cop Out and don't want plot details ruined for you.***

On paper, the movie Cop Out should be one of the funniest movies of all time. With Kevin Smith directing and Bruce Willis and Traci Morgan as buddy cops my side should hurt from laughing by the end. It even has Sean William Scott to spice things up now and again. Originally, the film was going to be called A Couple Of Dicks but the studio thought that the title was a bit risque. When a studio changes a movie title of avoid a made up controversy that would never have really happened, it makes makes one wonder about the film. Never mind that in the movie there are jokes about sex acts that would have made George Carlin blush.

So why am I writing about a buddy cop movie on a baseball card blog? Because the movie is about baseball cards, silly! Specifically, it's about my personal White Whale baseball card, the 1952 Topps #1 Andy Pafko.

There is even a great little scene showing 1950's kids destroying their cards with rubber bands and a nice explanation as to why the Pafko card is so valuable and sought after.

The story here is that Willis' father kept his cards nice and Bruce has a Gem Mint 10 Pafko that he needs to sell to finance his daughter's wedding. As he's trying to sell the card, the card shop gets robbed and the Pafko card is stolen.

When was the last time a card shop was robbed at gun point? I'm not sure but I can't find any listing in Google News.

The stolen card leads to drugs, kidnapping, and murder. What else did you expect?

In the end, poor Andy gets shot and goes to Card Heaven.

Overall, the film is very funny but could have been even better if the parties involved could have gone all out for a hard R rating...meaning humor that would have justified a title of A Couple Of Dicks. Whenever this movie makes it to DVD, the bonus features with Tracy Morgan outtakes I'm sure will be amazing.


Anonymous said…
How did I not know about this? With a great cast and great plot, there is no way this movie can fail. It is now on my "must watch" list.