A Bip To The Crotch Is Worth Two In The Bush

In an earlier post, I claimed [rather blindly] that this Tom Glavine card had to be the best card from the 1991 Fleer set.

1991 Fleer #689 Tom Glavine

PunkRockPaint pointed out that Alfredo Griffin's '91 Fleer was better. The card didn't ring any bells for me and so I turned to the interwebs but couldn't find an image quickly. Turned out there is a signed copy for sale here and I got to see a copy of Glavine's contender.

1991 Fleer #201 Alfredo Griffin

If I had only known there was an unofficial Bip Roberts card with Bip taking a chunk out of Alfredo Griffin's crotch I wouldn't have never questioned it's superiority.


PunkRockPaint said…
Excellent research... I wish I had thought to use the internet. Going through the giant box of 91 Fleer burnt out my retinas. Everytime I close my eyes, I see bright, yellow rectangles.
Jeremy said…
Wow. That gives new meaning to "bipping". A very painful way to get Bipped. Yikes. Pretty cool card though.
Community Gum said…
I'm a big fan of the 1989 Score card or some pitcher where, in the background, you could see the first baseman adjusting his cup. They airbrushed it out in one of the many later printings so the first baseman was just armless.