Some Random '71 Topps Cards From Dayf's Trade

Here are some of the obscenely large stack of '71 Topps that dayf sent me:

We'll start with a big name off the Needs List. As I get closer and closer to the end of this project the Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron, and Pete Rose cards are staring me straight in the eye.

1971 Topps #385 Rollie Fingers

I've seen a lot of cards but I can only think of one that has a player filling out a census form.

1971 Topps #480 Manny Sanguillen

This is one of my favorite cards of the set and the only team card that is in this style in the '71 set. I wish all the team photos were like this.

1971 Topps #502 Cubs Team Card

I don't have anything smart to say about Cleon except that it reminds me of one of the Top 10 funniest SNL sketches, Astronaut Jones.

1971 Topps #527 Cleon Jones


1971 Topps #426 Chris Cannizzaro

What the hell is going on with Bobby Knopp's bat? Is it some kind of optical illusion or is he really holding what looks to be a glorified toothpick?

1971 Topps #506 Bobby Knopp

What is exactly going to happen next in this card? Is Art going to split the ball like he is holding a samurai sword? Is he trying to check his swing because he realized that the ball is at about shoulder height? Or is he maybe getting out of the way?

1971 Topps #445 Art Shamsky


Knoop's lifetime .236 average says he's using his kid's little league bat!
Hackenbush said…
I just like the name Knoop (K-NOPP).