I might be out of the loop a little bit here but I only just found out that Sloth from the movie The Goonies [the greatest 80's movie ever, btw...I've even been to Astoria, OR to see some of the famous locations used in the movie] was played by former Raiders defensive end John Matuszak...meaning there are Sloth cards out there!

Here are two I found in my vintage football commons could I have neglected these cards for so long!

1981 Topps Football #255 John Matuszak

"Hey you guys...I'm cold!"

1982 Topps Football #195 John Matuszak


madding said…
I was about 30 miles south of Astoria at the beach this weekend. It was really nice.
TheRealDFG said…
I don't know what is more surprising...the fact you didn't know Matuszak was Sloth in the movie or the fact you actually found two Matuszak cards in your own collection.