More Inserts From 2010 Topps Series 2

When I design my card set it's going to be all inserts. No base cards. Just five or six outstanding insert sets. But then again, what would those insert cards be inserted into? I'm getting headaches already.

I've been buy Series 2 entirely for the inserts and the chance for more 1000000 Car Giveaway contest cards. All my extras that I don't care about have been shipped to Thorzul and his Series 2 experiment.

Here are some inserts of note that I've pulled thus far:

This Tris Speaker is the first one of "these old players in contemporary designs" cards I've pulled. I like this one in particular but some of the other ones of just poor looking.

#VLC4 Tris Speaker Vintage Legends [1981 Topps Design]
These are what the Turkey Red cards should prospects should be allowed.

Turkey Red #TR95 Ty Cobb

Dizzy Dean: The last National League pitcher to win 30 games.

1951 Topps Blue Backs #24 Dizzy Dean

Forget the 40-40 club, Rogers is the only member of the 40-400 club. Meaning he is the only player to ever hit more than 40 home runs and bat over .400 in a season.

1951 Topps Blue Backs #22 Rogers Hornsby

Everywhere I turn it's been Johnny Podres, Johnny Podres. You'll see another one of this cards in a post I'm doing about the cards I recently picked up at a local card show.

History of the World Series #HWS11 Johnny Podres

Some of these lineage comparisons are a little weak but I like this one. Blue I get to add a new Aparicio card to the collection.

Legendary Lineage #LL-46 Luis Aparicio/Alexei Ramirez

It's fun to run your finger over these cards and pretend that I'm a 90's DJ scratchin' a record.

2020 #T8 Buster Posey

This card should read Matt Kemp Peak Performance "Been Dating Rihanna For Over A Year."

Peak Performance #PP-79 Matt Kemp