Jerry Tagge

Back when JaMarcus Russell was dropped by the Raiders there were a lot of articles about the all-time draft busts. Packers' draft pick Jerry Tagge was on a couple of those lists and ever since I was in the market for the few Tagge cards that are out there. Well, dayf came through with Tagge's rookie card from the '74 Topps set.

As Tom Petty would say, the future was wide open for Tagge as he had led Nebraska to back-to-back national titles but he ended up playing only three seasons for the Green and Gold.

1974 Topps #374 Jerry Tagge


Captain Canuck said…
he actually had two and a half great years with the BC Lions until he blew out his knee.

Named to the All Star team and runner up to MVP if I remember correctly.
Dom said…
Jerry Tagge had an amazing ability to win games late with heroic drives in the final seconds of games he led the CFL's B.C. Lions in. One of the best QB's to ever play for the B.C. Lions Tagge led the 1977 Lions team to become known as "The Cardiac Kids!"

I'll remember Jerry Tagge as the first sports Idol, I had as a kid, growing up in Vancouver in the mid seventies. He even signed a football for me! Hope he's doing well.

In fact I hear he'll be at a Lions game on retro night this August 27th. I'm sure he'll get a good cheer from those fans that remember he and the 10-6 Lions of 1977. The team will be wearing the same uniforms as the mid seventies Lions that Tagge led. Those were the days!