I Just Freed Some Finest

Cardboard Junkie "Freed Some Finest" in this video and seeing as how he sent me these two Packer cards I feel obligated to free them as well.


1997 Upper Deck Eye of Champion #39 Edgar Bennett

1997 Upper Deck Eye of Champion #52 Reggie White

I also found a basketball Finest to free as well:


1998 Topps Finest #67 Khalid Reeves


Remember, be sure to have your Finest freed and neutered.


They just look so much better that way. I think it's a sign of the lunacy that sometimes invades the hobby that some people think removing a sticker and make the card look BETTER (not to mention the way the card was supposed to look) somehow "destroys" its value.
Fuji said…
Glad you freed those UD3 cards... The White & Bennett look 100x better. Go Packers!