Heartbreaking Damage #4: Ernie Banks 1969 Topps

This is my first proper Ernie Banks card and when I was sifting through the $1 bin at the card show I just about choked because at first I didn't notice the damage and exciting accessories that this card has.

The damage on the right side is almost like a notary's stamp was used on the card. There are several pin-like holes on it that line up in a straight line. Plus, someone with a red pen has made it a lot easier to remember that Ernie's lifetime batting average was .277 in 1969...no more painfully having to turn the card over to know that anymore.

And then there is the piece de resistance: the green star sticker that covers up some more red pen scribbles is a nice touch that pushes this damage from good to great!

1969 Topps #20 Ernie Banks


Wrigley Wax said…
Oh the humanity! How could someone defile Mr. Cub like that? I'm glad you've rescued the card and it will now have a proper home!
Fuji said…
$1 bin? You got a steal... Ernie Banks is the man! Congratulations.
I would gladly pay a dollar for that card.

And I don't even need it for my set.
Check the bite radius!

-- Richard Dreyfuss, 1975
--David said…
Ah, but those are the best cards to have - wrecked and a story to go with it!
Doc said…
Jim wins the best comment award!

"This was no boating accident..."