Discount Vintage

Here's an interesting stat or fact about each of these cards that I picked up in from the 25¢ bin at the card show I went to on Saturday.

1963 Topps #187 Willie Kirkland
Willie hit four straight home runs over the course of two games

1965 Topps #83 George Thomas
George was a "bonus baby" for the Detroit Tigers in 1957.

1966 Topps #83 Albie Pearson
Albie was the American League Rookie of the Year in 1958.

1965 Topps #42 Earl Wilson
Earl threw a no-hitter against the Angels in 1962.

1965 Topps #249 Dave McNally
Dave is the only pitcher to hit a grand slam in a World Series game.

1963 Topps #37 Jerry Lynch
Jerry is second all-time in pinch hit home runs with 18.

1960 Topps #237 Elmer Valo
Elmer hit for the cycle in 1950.


--David said…
Elmer Valo - that is a cool name one would not necessarily associate with baseball. Sounds like a mafia guy that NO ONE makes fun of. :-)