Could This Be The Worst Error Card Ever?

It's one thing to have a bat boy pose as a player or a relative stand in for an unknown player and have that slip by the quality control people at a card company and enter the Error Card Hall of Fame. But it's quite another for the wrong photo to be used for one of the most popular players in baseball history.

How exactly does this sort of thing happen? It's as if they even don't follow baseball.

The error version:

1985 Donruss #424 Tom Seaver [Floyd Bannister Pictured]

Maybe it's the shadow on Floyd's face?

And here is the corrected version:

1985 Donruss #424 Tom Seaver

And here are some of the new additions to my Tom Terrific collection:

1972 Topps #446 Tom Seaver In Action

1985 Leaf #101 Tom Seaver

1985 Fleer #526 Tom Seaver

1986 Donruss #609 Tom Seaver

1983 Donruss #122 Tom Seaver

1987 Donruss #375 Tom Seaver

1981 Donruss #425 Tom Seaver Career Highlights

1981 Donruss #422 Tom Seaver


BA Benny said…
I love it. I gotta find those two for my error card collection.
dayf said…
I didn't even know there was an '85 Seaver variation... Nice one.
Something about that '72 Seaver In Action card just seems wrong. Is he catching his breath after taking a line drive to the gut, or is he trying not to fall over laughing when Luzinski walks up to the plate with a bat between his legs?
Jeremy said…
I used to have a bunch of 85 Donruss, and other cards of the era. But I never get over the ridiculousness of those White Sox unis from the mid-eighties. That's gotta be the worst uniforms ever.
Matt Flaten said…

I feel honored to have imparted knowledge onto the Yoda of baseball card blogs.

Matt F.