Vic Power

Vic Power, almost as cool a name a Max Power. From the "every player has a unique record department," Vic holds the record of two unassisted double plays in the same game. He is also is one of 11 players to steal home twice in one game. He was also the first Puerto Rican player on an American League team.

Both of these cards are pretty dinged up and were found for rock bottom prices at the most recent Topeka card show.

1963 Post Cereal #1 Vic Power

1966 Topps #192 Vic Power


"1b-inf" is an odd position combination on a baseball card.
Anonymous said…
"Max holds the record ..."

Actually, no, VIC holds the record.

Vic has some great Twins cards. I always liked him, even though he was a bit before my time.
Matt Flaten said…
Thanks for the Max/Vic catch mmmrhubarb.