Show and Tell #50: Birthday Cards From Collective Troll

Collective Troll sent me a birthday pack of cards last week that was mainly filled with the great green goodness that is 1994 Topps Finest. I also received another package last week from another reader devoted to '94 Finest [which I will highlight in a little bit] so I'm make some good headway in that set after a long period of nothingness.

1994 ToppsFinest #317 Eddi Murray

1994 ToppsFinest #351 Lee Smith

1994 ToppsFinest #278 Julio Franco

This one's for dayf's enjoyment!

1994 ToppsFinest #95 Mark Lemke

1994 ToppsFinest #140 Pete Incaviglia

2009 Bowman Chrome #47 Mike Jacobs X-Fractor 054/250

Troll also included some cards he was sure I would like including two X-Fractors and one of the variations from the Presidential Predictors set from a few years ago.

2008 Topps Chrome #190 Nate McLouth X-Fractor

2008 Upper Deck Series 2 #PP-13A -- Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain Presidential Predictors

Thanks Troll!