Pancho Villa

Nevermind that Juan was from Panama and Pancho was from Mexico, the nickname "Pancho Villa" stuck with Juan Berenguer, the middle reliever for the Twins miracle run to World Series champions in 1987.

He was one of my favorite Twins during those years and some day I'll dig out my "Berenguer Boogie" poster from my parent's house that highlighted a sort of "Super Bowl Shuffle" dance in honor of Juan.

Here are a few cards from my Pancho Villa collection:

Without a doubt the worst prospect cards have to be these from the 1979 Topps set. It looks like they've taken the original photo and photocopied it about three times.

1979 Topps #721 Juan Berenguer

Are rare "Juan smiling" card.

1984 Topps #174 Juan Berenguer

His first Twins card:

1987 Topps Traded #5T Juan Berenguer


Unknown said…

Here's a tracing I did of Juan.
Unknown said…

Here's a kickass tracing I did of Juan.