Mark Prior & Kerry Wood

grogg...aka Greg from Lake Effects Cards...has been tweeting about the Cubs game today and so I'll use that as an excuse to highlight a couple of jersey cards I've picked up recently. They are of the two fireballers, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, that could have, should have, would have won the Cubs a World Series or two if thing had turned out differently.

First, we have Prior with the Padres listed as his team but a Cubs uniform included. This card is a group break nightmare. He's never played a pro game with them but has been signed and released by them twice since 2007.

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #MLB-MP Mark Prior Jersey

Next, we have a nice blue piece for Kerry Wood who hasn't pitched in a game this season yet for the Indians because of an injury to his upper back.

2004 Upper Deck Playball Apparel Collection #AC-KW Kerry Wood Jersey Relic