Genius Covers: The Amazing Spider-Man #247

So we are going to go from "Cover of the Week" to "Genius Covers" so I don't feel guilty about doing more than one of these a week. Today we have The Amazing Spider-Man #247 from December 1983. This a semi-unique cover for Spider-Man in that he is not actuallyfeatured on the cover, just his shadow is used instead.

This issue features both John Romita Sr. and Jr. on the artwork. I'm not too familiar with artist jargon but J.R. Jr. does the "breakdowns" J.R. Sr. does the "finishes."

As well as reminding me of the great shows Monchhichis [you don't see a lot of back-to-back "h"s in words, do you?] and the ultimate product placement cartoon, Rubik: The Amazing Cube, be sure to watch out for Menudo popping up now and again!

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Jason Presley said…
The current generation is infinitely poorer for not having a Saturday morning 8-11:30 cartoon block. Sure they've got their Toon Disney and Boomerang, but nothing beats a monster bowl of Apple Jacks and 3 1/2 hours of cartoons to start the weekend for a 6-13 year old mind!
Todd Uncommon said…
Wow. Too many kid memories to handle all at once. Funny to think how the major TV networks used to compete and promote their kid's Saturday morning TV lineups like their prime-time schedules.

I forgot that the networks would have specials in August or September to let you know what shows were continuing, which ones were new, saturday morning lineups, and even what movies they expected to broadcast that season. The TV Guide Fall Preview issue was like a Bible in those days.

My little sister loved the Monchhichis; she had two of them. They had furry bodies, but hard plastic faces, hands in the shape of fists, and feet. The thumbs on the fists would stick out so you could make the dolls suck them. I always got in trouble for making them suck each other's thumbs.