For No Other Reason Than To Show Some Kent Tekulve Cards

Kent is one of my all-time favorites and doing some spring cleaning of the collection I came upon these that I don't think I've highlighted before.

Kent will probably never make the Hall of Fame but if you ask me having a 2.85 ERA over 1,436.2 innings pitched should get you some serious consideration.

1988 Topps Revco League Leaders #10 Kent Tekulve

1986 Donruss #111 Kent Tekulve

1985 Fleer #477 Kent Tekulve

2001 Topps Archives #112 Kent Tekulve

I'm sure Night Owl has used this card for his night game series but damned if I can find it on his web site.

1989 Upper Deck #207 Kent Tekulve

A rare "Kent as a Red" card:

1989 Topps Traded #116T Kent Tekulve

1987 Donruss #453 Kent Tekulve


Jim said…
When showing some Kent Tekulve cards, there is no reason needed.