Crooked Sticker

As I patiently wait for a decent looking card for Packers 1st round draft pick Bryan Bulaga, I went back a year and picked up picked up a 2nd autograph from B.J. Raji, the Packers first 1st round pick last year [at #9...they also picked Clay Mathews at #26 in the 1st round].

You might not notice it right away, I didn't when I bought it, but the signature sticker had to be placed at a pretty severe angle to get the "BJR" signature to look straight on the card. Now that I see it if bothers me quite a bit.

2009 Upper Deck Icons Football #150 B.J. Raji Autograph #015/150

Here's what the card would look like if the sticker were on there straight:


Jay said…
I guess It's one of those cards you have to be loaded to appreciate.