Cover of the Week: The Mighty Thor #475 & Some Old Baseball Card Ads

This week's cover is a special giant sized issue of The Mighty Thor #475 from June 1994. I love shiny comics about as much as I love shiny cards so this one, on the cover alone, is one of my favorites. The story itself isn't that interesting...Thor becomes a sort of Super Thor [if you can imagine such a thing] towards the end but it has a lot of nice cameos of lesser TMT side characters...This issue has some great card advertisements that remind us of a day that is long gone.

We have two ads for comic-based cards from two out of work card companies, Flair and Fleer.

Then we have a full page ad for Upper Deck's Fun Packs which offer cards that you can fold and bend. You can also have a heat activated John Kruk card which sounds frightening to me.

And then we have a great Frank Thomas two-page ad that promotes 1994 Leaf. You don't see a lot of 2 page ads for baseball cards outside of Beckett anymore.

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Anonymous said…
Forget card ads -- you don't see that many ads in comics these days, unless you count the house ads.

And a jumbo-sized issue was only $2.50.

Wow, I feel old. ;)