Black & White Andy

Here's my latest Andy Pafko collection acquisition. It is his 1953 Bowman Black and White card that is a little worse for wear. I really can thank eBay's new listing policies for this card as I had never seen it listed online until recently and now I can find four or five listed almost all the time. On a typical search before the changes I would typically find 60-80 Pafko cards listed and those were mainly graded 1952 Topps #1 [a.k.a. My Personal White Whale] or late 50’s Topps cards in varying degree of damage. You rarely if ever saw Andy’s late ‘40s Leaf cards or early Bowman cards. But all of the sudden they are coming out of the attic and being listed on eBay.

Now where did I stash my vintage over-sized top loaders again?

1953 Bowman #57 Andy Pafko