Birthday Cards

I had been toying with a moderately large card purchase with some of my birthday money but decided to go with the quantity over quality argument.

I should really make an official attempt at getting all of Tom's base cards from his career. Here is his 1974 Topps card which is a little dinged up:

1974 Topps #80 Tom Seaver

These are my first two Topps Tek cards and I like them a lot. Although I have to keep them in top loaders otherwise they would bend in on themselves. I can't imagine the insanity of actually trying to collect an entire set of this stuff but as odd-ball singles of players I collect they are really nice to look at.

1998 Topps Tek #30 Pattern #33 Ken Griffey Jr.

1998 Topps Tek #54 Pattern #26 Paul Molitor

The funny thing about this card is that I thought I was buying a Chipper Jones jersey card. Got home, scanned it, uploaded it to the blog and went to write the card number down and I had a Brian McCann jersey card staring back at me. Time to slow down a little bit the next time I'm at the LCS.

2009 Topps 206 #FR-21 Brian McCann Jersey Relic

Although I can't find an official retirement announcement for Gary it looks like this 22nd season last year will be his last.

2002 Topps Traded Tools of the Trade #TTRR-GS Gary Sheffield Bat Relic

Y'all had better get on the Barry Zito Bandwagon 2.0 before it leaves the station! For all of us long term Zito fans it's sweet vindication to have Barry be 4-0 to start the 2010 season. He hasn't had a winning season since 2006 but I've got a good feeling that will change this year.

2003 Upper Deck #LS-BZ Barry Zito Jersey