Andy and The Red Man

Here is my latest Andy Pafko pick up and this is also my first "tobacco card." No, it's not a T-206 or Allen & Ginter original...but a card from Red Man Chewing Tobacco's 1954 set.

1954 Red Man Chewing Tobacco #8 Andy Pafko [Missing Tab]

If you aren't familiar with this set ALL of the cards are this nice looking and they really put into focus the rotting piece of dog turd that some of the recent Chicle cards are.

Originally this card had a tab connected to the bottom of the card that could be redeemed [along with 49 other tabs...instructions are found on the back of the card] for a baseball cap. I hope to get another version of this card with the tab still attached. They tend to run about double the price of the cards with the missing tab.

Of course, the best part of this is the last line..."Red Man "Chewers" -- start a collection for your boys." Ah yes, chewing tobacco and children, a great combination.