Tommy John & Ron Guidry

I love those cards from the 1960's sets that had two players together some great tag "Fork & Knuckler" or "Star Receivers."

1982 Donruss #558 Yankee Winners Tommy John/Ron Guidry

and John pitched three seasons together from 1979-1981. Tommy had a combined record of 52-26 during those three season and Ron had a record of 46-23. Together their record was 98-49 which means they won exactly double the number of games they lost over those three years.

1981 Topps #250 Ron Guidry

1988 Leaf #180 Ron Guidry

1983 Topps #440 Ron Guidry

1982 Donruss #548 Ron Guidry

I probably should have led with this card which is my favorite of the bunch:

1969 Topps #465 Tommy John

I've said this a couple of times before but scientists should really investigate the brightness qualities of the backs of Topps cardsfrom the 1960s. They seem to have lost none of the brightness in the 40 plus years this card has been around.


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