This One Time, When I Was A Royal...Vida Blue Edition Part 2

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It's time for another edition of "This One Time, When I Was A Royal" where we highlight another star of the game that at one time played for the Kansas City Royals but never matched the greatness they achieved on other teams. These players tend to start their career as Royals or land in Kansas City for a final season or two on their way to retirement.

I've highlighted Vida Blue's brief tenure with the Royals before and I can now show off a few more cards in my work towards a Vida Blue As A Royal Master Set! Oh yeah!

1983 Donruss #34 Vida

1982 Topps Traded #8T Vida Blue

1983 Fleer #106 Vida Blue

And here are a couple of non-Royal Vida cards.

This card was 25 cents thanks to some kid putting pin holes through the card on the top and bottom. Thank you 1970's kid without any way to store his/her cards accept in a shoe box or bulletin board.

1972 Topps #169 Vida Blue

1981 Topps #310 Vida Blue