Show and Tell #47 Part 2: This Is NOT A Cardboard Problem

More from the cards Marie from A Cardboard Problem sent. Here is the Ichiro portion of the package. I still have a King Felix portion and some randoms to show too in the near future.

It's going to be a rough season for Zack and frankly with a bullpen as bad as the Royals have it will be a miracle if he gets back to 16 wins this season.

2010 Topps 206 #51 Zack Greinke Gold
2010 Topps 206 #51 Zack Greinke

2010 Topps Heritage #46 Zack Greinke/Felix Hernandez/Roy Halladay/CC Sabathia American League E.R.A. League Leaders

2010 Topps #203 Zack Greinke/Felix Hernandez/Roy Halladay American League E.R.A. Leaders

2010 Topps #50 Zack Greinke

2010 Topps #155 Zack Greinke A.L. Cy Young Award Winner

2010 Topps #TTT8 Zack Greinke ToppsTown

2009 O-Pee-Chee#39 Zack Greinke

2010 Topp Heritage #94 Zack Greinke