Puckett Prize Pack

So about 14 months ago I had a contest to pick the winners of last year's Academy Awards. A reader named Chris won the contest and for the prize he would pick a player or team and I would craft a specific prize around that. Chris never got in touch with me about it and the contest sort of faded into my little grey cells.

That was until this year's Oscars rolled around and I received an e-mail out of the blue:

"Holy crap, I just realized that I never emailed you after winning your Oscar contest last year. Found an email to myself reminding me to look at your site after the show. Ridiculous. Anyway, I'd like to thank my mom and my agent. Lemme know if you ever have an Oscar contest again."
I wrote back that a deal was a deal and I would still honor the contest. Chris is a Kirby Puckett fan and I told him I would put together a Puckett Prize Pack for him. I'm a Twins fan myself having grown up in Western Wisconsin but I've only really collected Kirby casually [my favorite Twin from that era is Kent Hrbek] so parting with some Puckett cards wasn't too hard.

As luck would have it, I was also working on a Mets for Twins trade with Reader Noah who replenished my Puckett collection with a bunch that I sent off as well as some I've never had.

Here are some highlights:

This is my all-time favorite Kirby card. It has the feel of those propaganda from last year.

1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice #319 Kirby Puckett

1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice #638 Kirby Puckett

This card is pretty cool as the Puckett photo is elevated above Gwynn's photo.

1994 Upper Deck Fan Pack #206 Tony Gwynn/Kirby Puckett

1992 Score #796 Kirby Puckett

1996 Score #83 Kirby Puckett Star Struck

1989 Topps Hills Team MVP's #23 Kirby Puckett

1996 Pinnacle Zenith #149 Kirby Puckett

1995 Upper Deck Denny's Holograms #21 Kirby Puckett

1990 Post #3 Kirby Puckett

1995 Score #184 Kirby Puckett

2003 Flair Greats #79 Kirby Puckett

1997 Upper Deck 3 #40 Kirby Puckett

1996 Sport Flix #6 Kirby Puckett

1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice #77 Kirby Puckett

1996 Upper Deck #105 Kirby Puckett

2005 Donruss Champions #287 Kirby Puckett