North Stars

I really can't believe that I've been writing this blog since September 2008 and this is my first post on the North Stars. I loved the North Stars. This was back when I loved hockey and I broke my ankle trying to be a combination of Mike Modano and Brett Hull at the local ice rink. After the Stars moved to Dallas I sort of lost interest in hockey and it hasn't really come back since. Minnesota Wild...child, please.

Here are some North Stars I dug up this weekend. I'm trying to expand my North Stars collection so if you've got some looking for a good home click on the "Contact" tab at the top of the blog.

1990-1991 Pro Set Hockey #142 Mike Modano

1990-1991 Pro Set Hockey #137 Gaetan Duchesne

1990-1991 Pro Set Hockey #139 Stewart Gavin

1990-1991 Pro Set Hockey #143 Larry Murphy

1990-1991 Pro Set Hockey #141 Basil McRae

1991 Score #93 Mark Tinordi


I was just about to get out of the Navy when the Stars moved to Dallas. Knowing I was coming back to Dallas, a guy from Minnesota told me, "Dallas is stealing my team, but you better pay attention to that kid Mike Modano, he's the real deal." He was right and as Modano gets closer to the end of his career (he may play another year) it has been a blast to watch him all these years in Dallas.
What, no Link Gaetz cards?
Jeremy said…
I remember being so excited when 91-92 Score came out. At the time I thought it was one of the coolest designs I had ever seen. Strangely, I no longer feel that way.