New Packers

Beyond the fact that the Rams were going to pick Sam Bradford as their quarterback of the future, the second most obvious pick in the draft was that the Packers would be picking an offensive lineman. It was really just a question of who it would be?

It turned out to be Bryan Bulaga from Iowa. He gets the lucky task of trying to cut down the the league leading 51 sacks that Aaron Rodgers took last season. Some mock drafts had Bulaga going as high as #10 but then again Tim Tebow was going to be taken in the 2nd or 3rd round so who knows that that means. I'll have to look back in my SAGE packs to see if I already have some Bulaga cards.

You can buy your #75 Bulaga jerseys here by the way.

To keep the Packers theme going, here are a few of my recent pickups:

Mark Murphy, not be be confused with the Mark Murphy who is the CEO and President of the Packers, played 11 seasons for the packers at safety. I highlight this because for all the talk about who is a good prospect and who isn't, Murphy was an undrafted free agent.

1986 Topps #224 Mark Murphy

Terdell [not Terell mind you] had a Pro Bowl year with the Packers in 1978 when he ran for over 1,100 yards.

1980 Topps #127 Terdell Middleton

1984 Topps #275 Jan Stenerud

Or "Juan" Stenerud as my Grandma calls him.